September 9, 2007

Brandi Belle’s Kama Sutra Fun

Hey hey hey! Guess who’s back Brandi Belle fans! Yep, you got it! Your dear webmaster of this fan site of Brandi Belle is here and ready to fucking rock! It’s been certainly a while since my last post…. yeah, 1st of February, who would ever believe?? Long time w/o updates, long time w/o a word from me! I guess I owe you an apology my friends! I’ll try to make my apology by posting one amazing free movie gallery (including 4 clips) of our naughty slut Brandi Belle! Enjoy my friends and don’t forget to come back tomorrow! I promise I’ll update this site regularly from now on!

Brandi Belle is such a loving, caring friend. Her buddy Lucas confided in Brandi Belle that he had some issues trying new things in bed. So what does the lovely Brandi Belle do? Well, what any properly kinky minded amateur does! She got her hands on a Kama Sutra book and started picking out some rather…interesting positions to try out. We actually reviewed this episode a while ago… this is only a gallery with four free videos of Brandi Belle acting in.

Kama sutra positions Brandi Belle fucked

Brandi Belle doesn’t even blink. She just drags her friend to the bedroom and gets him to loosen up and try some new things. Now this is the type of chick that you’d just die to be friends with. The talented Brandi Belle even managed to pick up a few things from this kinky book – as if she needed more fuel for her dirty mind. You guys head to Brandi’s official website right now, join her in wild adventures and simply enjoy! You can’t go wrong with this one my friends!

Talk to you soon!
Brandi’s Fan no.1

February 1, 2007

Brandi Belle loves shopping – Free Gallery

Hey there Brandi Belle fans! How are you doing guys? Are you up to some free stuff coming straight off Brandi Belle’s very own website? Sure, only crazy persons would mind free Brandi Belle pictures ;) So, today’s update here at Brandi Belle Live is actually a gallery post, read the review below…

Since Brandi Belle is recovering from the holidays, I figured a spotlight on some older (but still great) episodes is in order. This one has Brandi Belle dragging her cameraman along for a bit of a shopping trip. Now, normally getting conned into any sort of shopping trip with a girl might as well be a death sentence.

Cute Brandi Belle Brandi Belle has nice shaped ass

Brandi Belle manages to make it quite the interesting experience, though. Brandi somehow manages to flash her lovely ass more than normal, so I’m sure the camera guy isn’t too angry about having to go clothes shopping. Brandi Belle can’t hide the one stereotypical female attribute though – she does drag in a ton of clothes to try out! This is a flirty, fun set (so is the gallery) that really shows off the cute side of our naughty friend Brandi Belle.

Update: Check out Real Bang Bros and Brandi Belle very own blog for more Brandi Belle updates!

January 28, 2007

Brandi Belle’s New Year Celebration

The lovely Brandi Belle doesn’t have some quiet little New Year’s party. Nope, this crazy gal has to think up the most insane, kinky, and sexy things to do. One of Brandi Belle’s party guests passed out in the corner…and Brandi Belle and Charity decide to have their way with him! I have no idea how this guy stayed asleep the entire time, but Brandi sure made his cock get wide awake.

Brandi Belle blowjob Nymphos crush on man

Brandi Belle didn’t just lick a little and laugh because the guy had no idea what was going on. Hell no, she jumped right on top and rode him. How he slept through that I have no idea. Brandi Belle is one crazy kinky girl though! She brought in the New Year with a bang, her way. I can only imagine what she has planned for the rest of the year. While we’re looking forward for more Brandi Belle’s adventures, you might want to check Brandi’s very own blog Real Bang Bros people made ;) Brandi Belle is exposed like never before! I hope you enjoyed today’s update guys….

I’ll talk to you soon!
Brandi Belle guy

January 16, 2007

Brandi Belle Episode Review: Facial

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Good day my dear Brandi Belle fans. I was too busy in last couple weeks and couldn’t have managed to update this great Brandi Belle Fan site, but hey….better ever than never ;) So read the following Brandi Belle episode review of the Brandi’s episode “Facial“.

Brandi Belle spends her holidays in a rather interesting fashion. She’s on her knees, on the floor, and just waiting to take a sticky load to the face. Brandi Belle just loves to do special shoots for her fans, and a dripping wet facial was one of her highest requests! She asks her very lucky friend to do the honors of getting her messy. It looks like he was quite happy with the job of giving Brandi Belle a facial. She has a very devilish smile on her face as she stares up at her co-star.

Brandi Belle Facial Brandi Belle Facial Episode

Brandi Belle looks like she’s enjoying this shoot, although I can’t imagine that the kitchen floor is the most comfortable place in the world to be doing this kind of thing. Brandi Belle has the worst luck sometimes though – her camera guy forgot to record the sound for this movie! Not that I mind being able to just watch Brandi Belle and not hear some guy jerking as he whacks off, but still… That’s normally one of those things you remember at a porn shoot. Watching Brandi get sticky and cum covered is always worth it, sound or not!

January 7, 2007

Brandi Belle Episode Review: 8 Easy Steps in Becoming a Pornstar

Brandi Belle is such a loving, caring individual. She just loves to show off just how to become a pornstar in this hot new set. Brandi Belle also has a special assistant helping her out: Preston Parker. If you don’t know him already, don’t worry. You’ll find out all about him soon enough. Oh and you may want to check out this episode over Real Bang Bros if you want to know more ;)

Brandi Belle becoming a pornstar lesson Hot Brandi Belle and Preston Parker Sex

Brandi Belle and her partner in crime hold an impromptu ‘becoming a pornstar‘ class for Preston’s friend. Brandi Belle is all too willing to be the guinea pig for this great class. Preston is a demanding teacher but I was very happy with the class results. You can check it out for yourself over at Brandi Belle’s amateur site! It looks like one of the most fun sets to date!

I would like to hear your feedback regarding these Brandi Belle updates, do not hesitate to leave a comment! And also, do you prefer shorter or longer posts? Please leave a comment and let’s together make this Brandi Belle Fan Site even better and more quality for all Brandi Belle fans all around the world ;) Cheers!

January 3, 2007

Brandi Belle Gives a Skilled Handjob

Welcome back dear Brandi Belle fans… I’ve got a hangover after the NY’s eve, it was amazing night ;) I wish you all HAPPY an prosperous New Year! Now, let’s get back to one new Brandi Belle Fan Site update! I recommend you all to bookmark this Brandi Belle blog devoted to all Brandi Belle fans, and come back often for more FREE information about the most naughty 21y old nymph who fucks and sucks like crazy!

Brandi Belle has all sorts of admirers. I know I’m one of them, but damn this guy is lucky as hell. He’s the friend of the soccer player that Brandi and Dasani had fun with awhile back. His friend just had to get a piece of Brandi Belle for himself! It takes the dude a lot of phone calls, but he finally gets what he wants. One on one time with Brandi Belle! If only all of us were so blessed. The guy could barely speak English but you could tell his excitement. I’m not sure why he looked so nervous though – Brandi Belle is a great girl to hang out with. He relaxed soon enough when she started stroking the lube onto his cock.

Brandi's got nice ass Handjob Brandi Belle gallery

Brandi Belle has plenty of experience in the art of the handjob. Just watching her give one is enough to make me want to cum. I couldn’t begin to imagine how her hand would feel as it moved up and down my shaft. Well, I lie – Brandi Belle has been in plenty of my daydreams, so I guess I can imagine it! Enjoy the hot pictures from the Brandi Belle handjob shoot, then go over to her site and find the full length handjob movie too!

December 19, 2006

Brandi Belle’s Fun Friend Allie

Wonderful women like Brandi Belle need to take a bit of time off for themselves. While Brandi is away, the girls still play though! Her hot friend Allie stops by to keep Brandi Belle fans entertained. This dark haired vixen has been featured on Brandi Belle’s site before, so you might remember her from past episodes. Allie doesn’t stay over alone – she brings her favorite boytoy. Allie was feeling more than a little naughty when she set up the camera and pulled down his pants. Her luscious lips were wrapped around his pole almost as soon as she started up the camera.

Brandi Belle's friend Sexy Allie prepares herself to suck cock

This hot cock sucking action can only be found at Brandi Belle’s site, but I did manage to get my faithful readers a bit of a video preview. If you want to see the full video of Brandi Belle’s smoking hot brunette friend giving head, you’re going to have to give in and sign up. :) Honestly though, who can resist the call of Brandi for long – especially with girlfriends like Allie?

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